Faux Pho Fete

Following the SF MusicTech Traditions of old, we’ll be kicking off the function festivities with a fantastic fete at the fabulous O Izakaya restaurant on December 6th from 5 – 7pm.

O Izakaya is located at the Hotel Kabuki, where SF MusicTech Summit will be taking place the following day.  They’ll have a delicious selection of sake, souju, and cocktails available, as well as small plates and appetizers (not hosted.)

In the past, we’ve drawn a few dozen individuals together for some great stories and conversations.  People tend to average about $20, including tax and tip, pretty reasonable for one of San Francisco’s top 100 restaurants.

This get together is open to everyone, and if for some reason you are from San Francisco and not attending the Summit, this is a great chance to meet all sorts of out of town (and local) Music/Technology Luminaries. Plus, after you see how fabulous the crowd is, (despite all advance purchase discounts having expired) you might just decide to join us the next day at the Summit.

There is absolutely no requirement to RSVP, but it would be great to shoot us an email if you are planning to stop by, just so we can warn the restaurant.  😉

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