Tools of the Trade

There are a number of amazing programs, applications, and technologies out there for musicians, recorders, and distributors.  SF MusicTech will be featuring some of the newest and hottest ones of the season on December 7th.  Before that, however, we wanted to introduce you to our supporters and how they can help you.

LyricFind let’s you integrate the lyrics of your music right in with sites like Rhapsody, Last.FM, Music.Com, and even has an awesome iPhone app! It helps keep your listeners engaged with what you write and play, and gives music websites even high functionality and form.

Many musicians make the mistake that analytics are just for businesses, startups, and engineers; they couldn’t be farther from the truth. BandMetrics is the leading site to study your fans and users, their behaviors, demographics, actions, and attitudes, and adjust your outreach accordingly.

PRthatRocks is a highly specialized agency that delivers measurable and relevant results for Bay Area entertainers. They represent Indie to internationally-recognized and award-winning entertainers, composers and recording artists, national and regional concert tours and events, legendary recording studios and production companies, and some of the best-known consumer and commercial entertainment technology manufacturers and musical instrument brands in the world. And they keep everything at a fraction of the cost of the major firms. Any entertainer must know Christopher Buttner and the PRthatRocks team.

Need to get a feel for what both the news and fan media is saying about your brand, hosting distribution, competitors, or style? There is absolutely no better place to go for the best collaboration between editorial and user-generated content for the various entertainment industries than BuzzMedia. This site simply MUST be on your RSS feed.

Blip.FM let’s you (or your fans) be in control of their own radio station, share it with friends, and promote it to their groups. There is absolutely no endorsement as strong as one friend to another, and Blip lets your fans and followers do just that – help their friends organically discover you.

These guys are petitioning to create the domain extension .music, to help musicians, distributors, artists, startups, and service providers in the music field define themselves and get better branding, marketing and usage. This would be an amazing and industry-defining event, so be sure to check them out!

FanMail takes email client hosting and mailing list management to a new and unprecedented level, targeted primarily at musicians. They understand it isnt just about a monthly email or update, but about knowing where your fans are hanging out online, reaching them, tracking them, and communicating with them rather than at them. FanMail provides its customers not just with the tools to reach fans, but also with methods to engage them.

ABB Records is an impressive independent Bay Area music label, working with local musicians like Defari, Dilated Peoples, Evidence, Fusion Unltd., Freddie Gibbs, Mykestro, DOTFW/Cesar Comanche, Quarternote/The Sound Providers, Big Tone, Likwit Junkies, and many more. They are currently going through a huge rehaul of the site, and we are all excited to see where they take it. If you are a new musician or band in the Bay Area, this is definitely a label to check out, to get your music noticed.

Sun Startup Essentials is not only a service provider, it’s also a community of small businesses, contractors, and services all connected to help you grow. Sun SE helps small businesses find great open source hardware and affordable hosting, gets you free support from Sun experts, helps you market through their branches, and pairs you with investors they think are likely to be interested in your material. These are invaluable resources, available with just a simple application process.

“MediaUnbound builds and supports custom personalization and recommendation software for companies that sell, distribute, and display media content.” MediaUnbound thus gives you a comprehensive and high-quality recommendation engine for your site’s media needs, driving traffic and increasing engagement.

Ioda is an amazing multi-faceted platform that lets you distribute, market, and manage your music in one location, and lets you keep the rights to all of it. It has seamless integration with numerous retail, distribution, and promotional partners. This is an amazing place for independent and early musicians to develop a fan base and get their music on the market.

Expensify is an impressive piece of online management software that helps keep your studio and workspace cleaner and greener. This TechCrunch50 winner let you file, organize, and reimburse all of your expenses online, keeping track of everything for your taxes in one simple place. This lets you focus on what you are good at – be it making or marketing music, building brand etc. – and keep’s the money management from getting out of hand.

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