Silicon Valley Rocks

Silicon Valley Rocks, produced by Allison Murdock and Music in Schools Today, reveals to the Bay Area community that our geeks, techies, founders, and entrepreneurs brandish a variety of skills, and share a kindred spirit in rocking out.

According to the producers, on December 9th tech professionals will “pick up their instruments and venture onto the big stage to let their alter egos shine… for a good cause and the love of music.  Silicon Valley Rocks 2009 will bring together the Valley’s tech community — from VCs and entrepreneurs to bloggers and software developers — to raise money for Music in Schools Today (MuST), a Bay Area non-profit that seeks to rescue music programs from budget cuts. The second annual showcase once again features an awesome lineup of Silicon Valley bands and original rockers who will entertain your entire social graph.”

Not only will this event reveal an aspect of my tech community that I for one rarely see, it also raises money for an important cause: alleviating the crisis that lack of funds eliminates music from school curriculum.

I was raised attending a fine arts elementary school, and music of some sort was a required class from 1st grade on.  It gave me not only a wider range of experiences, but also helped teach me both visual and auditory learning skills, improved my communication with team members and leaders, and developed better dexterity.  Studies have shown that music lessons at a young age also improve math and language skills, stimulating the same parts of the brain.  Removing music from schools not only lessens children’s culture experiences, but it also reduces their mental performance across the board.

Think about when first picked up that guitar, put the horn to your lips, heard yourself sing, and imagine never knowing that feeling.  Silicon Valley Rocks is looking to be an amazing experience for every person in attendance, helping another generation keep the music flowing.

And if you purchase an SF MusicTech pass now using the code “SVR10,” you’ll get into Silicon Valley Rocks for free!  Register now!

One Response to “Silicon Valley Rocks”

  1. Alison Murdock Says:

    Eloquently put! Let’s hope music education won’t be “left behind.”

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