Faux Pho Fete

November 25, 2009

Following the SF MusicTech Traditions of old, we’ll be kicking off the function festivities with a fantastic fete at the fabulous O Izakaya restaurant on December 6th from 5 – 7pm.

O Izakaya is located at the Hotel Kabuki, where SF MusicTech Summit will be taking place the following day.  They’ll have a delicious selection of sake, souju, and cocktails available, as well as small plates and appetizers (not hosted.)

In the past, we’ve drawn a few dozen individuals together for some great stories and conversations.  People tend to average about $20, including tax and tip, pretty reasonable for one of San Francisco’s top 100 restaurants.

This get together is open to everyone, and if for some reason you are from San Francisco and not attending the Summit, this is a great chance to meet all sorts of out of town (and local) Music/Technology Luminaries. Plus, after you see how fabulous the crowd is, (despite all advance purchase discounts having expired) you might just decide to join us the next day at the Summit.

There is absolutely no requirement to RSVP, but it would be great to shoot us an email if you are planning to stop by, just so we can warn the restaurant.  😉


SV Rocks Teams with SF MusicTech

November 23, 2009

Just wanted to make sure you were all aware of an amazing partnership we’ve developed with SV Rocks, and that you can check out both events for the price of one.  So set your travel plans accordingly!

On Monday, December 7, SF MusicTech Summit will bring together visionaries in the music and technology space to discuss the evolving music/business/technology ecosystem. Two days later at the Great American Music Hall on December 9, Silicon Valley Rocks! will bring music and technology alive as six Silicon Valley bands and original rockers take the stage to benefit Music in Schools Today.  This is an amazing opportunity to learn about the newest tools in the music and technology industry, then see them applied at an awesome concert!

Purchase an SF MusicTech pass now using the code “SVR10” and we will include a ticket to Silicon Valley Rocks for FREE! Take advantage of this 2-for-1 deal, and support your fellow techies and a great cause while space is still available.

Tools of the Trade

November 19, 2009

There are a number of amazing programs, applications, and technologies out there for musicians, recorders, and distributors.  SF MusicTech will be featuring some of the newest and hottest ones of the season on December 7th.  Before that, however, we wanted to introduce you to our supporters and how they can help you.

LyricFind let’s you integrate the lyrics of your music right in with sites like Rhapsody, Last.FM, Music.Com, and even has an awesome iPhone app! It helps keep your listeners engaged with what you write and play, and gives music websites even high functionality and form.

Many musicians make the mistake that analytics are just for businesses, startups, and engineers; they couldn’t be farther from the truth. BandMetrics is the leading site to study your fans and users, their behaviors, demographics, actions, and attitudes, and adjust your outreach accordingly.

PRthatRocks is a highly specialized agency that delivers measurable and relevant results for Bay Area entertainers. They represent Indie to internationally-recognized and award-winning entertainers, composers and recording artists, national and regional concert tours and events, legendary recording studios and production companies, and some of the best-known consumer and commercial entertainment technology manufacturers and musical instrument brands in the world. And they keep everything at a fraction of the cost of the major firms. Any entertainer must know Christopher Buttner and the PRthatRocks team.

Need to get a feel for what both the news and fan media is saying about your brand, hosting distribution, competitors, or style? There is absolutely no better place to go for the best collaboration between editorial and user-generated content for the various entertainment industries than BuzzMedia. This site simply MUST be on your RSS feed.

Blip.FM let’s you (or your fans) be in control of their own radio station, share it with friends, and promote it to their groups. There is absolutely no endorsement as strong as one friend to another, and Blip lets your fans and followers do just that – help their friends organically discover you.

These guys are petitioning to create the domain extension .music, to help musicians, distributors, artists, startups, and service providers in the music field define themselves and get better branding, marketing and usage. This would be an amazing and industry-defining event, so be sure to check them out!

FanMail takes email client hosting and mailing list management to a new and unprecedented level, targeted primarily at musicians. They understand it isnt just about a monthly email or update, but about knowing where your fans are hanging out online, reaching them, tracking them, and communicating with them rather than at them. FanMail provides its customers not just with the tools to reach fans, but also with methods to engage them.

ABB Records is an impressive independent Bay Area music label, working with local musicians like Defari, Dilated Peoples, Evidence, Fusion Unltd., Freddie Gibbs, Mykestro, DOTFW/Cesar Comanche, Quarternote/The Sound Providers, Big Tone, Likwit Junkies, and many more. They are currently going through a huge rehaul of the site, and we are all excited to see where they take it. If you are a new musician or band in the Bay Area, this is definitely a label to check out, to get your music noticed.

Sun Startup Essentials is not only a service provider, it’s also a community of small businesses, contractors, and services all connected to help you grow. Sun SE helps small businesses find great open source hardware and affordable hosting, gets you free support from Sun experts, helps you market through their branches, and pairs you with investors they think are likely to be interested in your material. These are invaluable resources, available with just a simple application process.

“MediaUnbound builds and supports custom personalization and recommendation software for companies that sell, distribute, and display media content.” MediaUnbound thus gives you a comprehensive and high-quality recommendation engine for your site’s media needs, driving traffic and increasing engagement.

Ioda is an amazing multi-faceted platform that lets you distribute, market, and manage your music in one location, and lets you keep the rights to all of it. It has seamless integration with numerous retail, distribution, and promotional partners. This is an amazing place for independent and early musicians to develop a fan base and get their music on the market.

Expensify is an impressive piece of online management software that helps keep your studio and workspace cleaner and greener. This TechCrunch50 winner let you file, organize, and reimburse all of your expenses online, keeping track of everything for your taxes in one simple place. This lets you focus on what you are good at – be it making or marketing music, building brand etc. – and keep’s the money management from getting out of hand.

A quick update on SF MusicTech Summit #5

November 14, 2009

So we’ve been plowing away for the last few weeks on SF MusicTech Summit, and have secured a number of new and exciting speakers to add to our agenda.  Some are old favorites, others are new faces with exciting new stories to tell.  We’re now hard at work designing an agenda to fit all these amazing names!  We’ll alert you the minute it gets up!

The updated list includes:

Dave Allen – Co-Founder, Fight, President, Pampelmoose, Founding Member, Gang of Four

Kevin Arnold – Founder & CEO, IODA / Founder & Partner, Noise Pop Industries

Darryl Ballantyne – President and CEO, LyricFind

David Basskin – President, Canadian Music Reproductions Rights Agency Ltd. (CMRRA)

Anthony Batt – Founder/Chief Creative Officer, Buzz Media

Gabe Benveniste – Founder/CEO, SonicLiving

Christopher Buttner – Founder/President, PRThatRocks.com

Elliot Cahn, Esq. – Attorney, Law Offices of Elliot Cahn / Elliot Cahn Management

Tom Conrad – Chief Technical Officer, Pandora

David DeVore – General Manager, FanMail Marketing

Ethan Diamond – Founder/CEO, Bandcamp

David Downs – Freelance journalist: Rolling Stone, Wired Magazine, The Onion, Columbia Journalism Review, SF Weekly, Oakland Express, Village Voice, Daily Swarm

Matt Goldberg – Co-Founder, VolumeEleven.net / Manager, Seconds on End

Lucas Gonze – Creator, Wax MP3

Jon Healey – Editorial Writer, Los Angeles Times

Ned Hearn, Esq. – Attorney, Law Offices of Edward R. Hearn

Rusty Hodge – Founder, General Manager, and Program Director – SomaFM

Ian Hogarth – Co-Founder, Songkick

Naveen Jain – Founder and CEO, SparkArt

Steve Jang – Entrepreneur / Technologist (former CMO & Head of Biz Dev at imeem)

David Katznelson – President, Birdman Recording Group

Rob Kaye – Founder and Lead Developer, MusicBrainz

Zoe Keating – Cellist and Composer

David Kostiner, Esq. – Partner, Counsel LLP

Steve Lampen – Multimedia Technology Manager, Belden

Zahavah Levine – Chief Counsel, YouTube

Jon Luini – President / Owner, Chime Interactive / Virtual Venues

Gavin Lurssen – President, Lurssen Mastering, Inc.

Mike Masnick – Founder, TechDirt

Elliot Mazer – Legendary producer, Reid Productions

Brendan Mulligan – President / Founder, ArtistData

Michael Papish – CEO & Co-Founder, MediaUnbound

Ben Parr Co-Editor, Mashable

Dan Pifer – Executive Vice President, Operations and Technology, The Orchard

Sandy Pearlman – Legendary Music Producer / Schulich Distinguished Chair at McGill University / National Recording Preservation Board of the Library of Congress

Tim Quirk – VP of Music Programming, Real Audio / Rhapsody

Geoff Ralston – CEO, Lala

Paul Resnikoff – Founder and Publisher, Digital Music News

Ty Roberts – Founder / Chief Technical Officer, Gracenote

Marc L. Rubinstein – Owner, Pig Light Show

Howard “Bo” Sapper – CEO, Harmony Festival / Exec. VP of Bus & Legal Affairs, Domo Music Group & Motema Music & Megawave Records / Owner, Extrordinaire Media

Jeff Sass – VP of Business Development, Myxer

Meliza Solan – Producer, VatorNews

Gordon Taylor – Web Applications Programmer, San Franciso Opera / Gathering of the Vibes Radio Vibes Executive Producer

Francis TenWest Indian Girl

David Ulmer – Sr. Director, Multimedia, Motorola

Anthony Volodkin – Founder/CEO, The Hype Machine

Emily White – Co-Founder, Whitesmith Entertainment, Inc.

Jeff Yasuda – CEO & Founder, blip.fm

Brian Zisk – Executive Producer, SF MusicTech Summit / Founder & Strategist, Collecta

(And still more are being announced every day!  So keep an eye on the site for details!)

Silicon Valley Rocks

November 10, 2009

Silicon Valley Rocks, produced by Allison Murdock and Music in Schools Today, reveals to the Bay Area community that our geeks, techies, founders, and entrepreneurs brandish a variety of skills, and share a kindred spirit in rocking out.

According to the producers, on December 9th tech professionals will “pick up their instruments and venture onto the big stage to let their alter egos shine… for a good cause and the love of music.  Silicon Valley Rocks 2009 will bring together the Valley’s tech community — from VCs and entrepreneurs to bloggers and software developers — to raise money for Music in Schools Today (MuST), a Bay Area non-profit that seeks to rescue music programs from budget cuts. The second annual showcase once again features an awesome lineup of Silicon Valley bands and original rockers who will entertain your entire social graph.”

Not only will this event reveal an aspect of my tech community that I for one rarely see, it also raises money for an important cause: alleviating the crisis that lack of funds eliminates music from school curriculum.

I was raised attending a fine arts elementary school, and music of some sort was a required class from 1st grade on.  It gave me not only a wider range of experiences, but also helped teach me both visual and auditory learning skills, improved my communication with team members and leaders, and developed better dexterity.  Studies have shown that music lessons at a young age also improve math and language skills, stimulating the same parts of the brain.  Removing music from schools not only lessens children’s culture experiences, but it also reduces their mental performance across the board.

Think about when first picked up that guitar, put the horn to your lips, heard yourself sing, and imagine never knowing that feeling.  Silicon Valley Rocks is looking to be an amazing experience for every person in attendance, helping another generation keep the music flowing.

And if you purchase an SF MusicTech pass now using the code “SVR10,” you’ll get into Silicon Valley Rocks for free!  Register now!

Anouncing the SF MusicTech Mixer

November 3, 2009

So we’ve been working long (and productive) hours getting a top-notch line-up of speakers, sponsors, and promotion out for the upcoming SF MusicTech Summit. With Brian’s work on Collecta, Shoshana’s work performing, and Cassie’s work on FailCon, we were all starting to get a bit tuckered out, and wanted a chance to unwind.

So we’ve decided to put together the first SF MusicTech Mixer, and you’re all invited!

We’ve rented out the top floor of the swanky Roe Nightclub in downtown San Francisco on November 17th, from 6:00 – 9:00pm.  Anyone who has registered for SF MusicTech Summit gets in for free, but everyone else is welcome at a small fee of $10.  Come mix and mingle with the leading players in the music and technology industry.  We truly hope to see you there!

SF MusicTech Mixer
Nov 17th, 6:00 – 9:00pm
Roe Nightclub
651 Howard Street

A Different Process: Speakers before Agenda

October 16, 2009

As a regular event producer, I’ve been through quite a number of methods of conference production: bootleg and giant team, corporate and casual, etc.  But I was pleasantly surprised to see the way the SF MusicTech Summit is produced.  Rather than create a strict agenda of panel topics and times, Brian lines up an AMAZING list of all-star musicians, founders, and leaders in the music and technology industries, and determines the topics from there.

What does this mean for the panelists?

Now this can, at times, be slightly more stressful for the panelists, as we cannot immediately tell them what they will be speaking on.  However, it is always Brian’s drive to talk with them and develop panels ideal for their level of expertise, so this does work out in the end.  While panelists may have less time than usual to prepare, we do still facilitate an introduction between the moderator and panelists early enough for ideas to be thrown around, topics chosen, questions asked, and a great panel to form.

So what does this mean for the agenda?

It means the agenda covers actual existing topics that panelists are experts in; topics we also think will be interesting.  It means we can discuss with our panelists what they – the leaders in the industry – think the important subjects are, rather than make guesses and take time trying to force people to fit.  It means we develop an eclectic agenda – sometimes a bit discombobulated at first – with a huge variety of talking points that we, as a team of 3, could never have developed on our own.  It makes the agenda a collaborative project, rather than a dictatorial document.

What does this mean for the attendees?

True, it can be stressful for attendees as well, since they are unable to plan their day until a few days prior to the event.  However, it also means you are truly seeing THE leaders in the field of music and technology, talking on the subjects THEY want to discuss.  It means we have not A) tried to force a subject down a panelist’s throat or B) found a not-so-qualified individual just because we need a topic we think is important covered.  For example, we’ll have folks like:

And finally, what does it mean for the organizers?

Well okay.  As the production manager, it stresses me out a bit.  I like knowing what my schedule will be, having panelists finalized in nice little spreadsheet boxes and times, and it’s a bit unnerving to have all these unknowns.  But it’s also a challenge, and I wouldnt be a freelance contractor or entrepreneur if I didn’t like having that in my life now and then, eh?

Written by Cass Phillipps, leading startup event coordinator and writer of the popular event blog, WebWallflower.

SF MusicTech: Back and In Business on December 7th

September 21, 2009

Did you miss us?  Well not for long!  We’ve just begun work on the 5th SanFran MusicTech Summit (renamed SF MusicTech from here on out), and it’s looking to be bigger and better than ever.  We’ll be back at the Hotel Kabuki (1625 Post St) on December 7th, 2009, with 75+ panelists, dozens of topics, and the most up-to-date information on the collaboration of music and technology.

Why Should You Go?
SFMusicTech draws the biggest thought leaders in music and online technology.  Our last event broke 600 attendees, and we’re only expecting to grow.  Meet entrepreneurs from companies large and small, developers, musicians, managers, lawyers, labels, service providers, press, investors, academics, authors, broadcasters, political representatives, and more at this amazing intersection of culture and commerce.  People come prepared to make deals, meet partners, and form lasting relationships.

Why Should You Buy Now?
Because tickets are at the all time low price of $48, but only for the next 48 hours.  After that, they’re gone for good.

Who Else Will Be There?

Confirmed Speakers for 12/2009 so far include: